Completely unusable...need help asap

So I used to use rclone shortly after the cache function became available and have heard good things about its stability lately. However it seems to be working less well for me then before. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

So I have rclone set up but am having issues with the cache function. Movies constantly buffer in plex and I get errors saying playback isn’t supported. I also get lots of chunk retries.

So I have rclone set up with my google drive business account. Have the cache pointing to the drive. Have the cache mounted and have plex pointing towards it for my media. I’m running rclone on macos high sierra. It’s the latest version of rclone downloaded and installed via script last night. I’m using my own api.
Cache has the following settings
Path is Gdrive:MOVIES-TV/master
Info age is 6 hours
Chunk size is 5M
Max chunk storage is 200G

My internet speed is 1gbps down and 40 up, however the mac only seems to get 500mbps down but still quite fast.

So it goes from router modem combo, to 1gbps Ethernet switch, to mac.

Also when mounting the cache it doesn’t build a directory list until I go through my file system to the mounted drive and have to open every folder…
My mount command is "rclone mount --allow-other --allow-non-empty -vv plexdrive: (my path to directory)

I have no idea what the issue is…
I have tried several chunk sizes, 5,10,32,50. Always the same buffering issues.
Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

Without a log we’re guessing. -vv for a debug log

Do you want the file or just a copy and paste from terminal?

It will take me just a little, I just did a complete reinstall of plex and cleared the database file and chunk storage for rclone. I’ll have it late tonight.

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