Command lsd not recursing by default

I’m using Wasabi and the command:

rclone lsd Wasabi_remote:remotepath

but it only lists the directories of the first level.

If I use

rclone lsd Wasabi_remote:remotepath --max-depth 999"

it correctly lists the subdirectories.

Should not the lsd command recurse by default?

Note that ls,lsl,lsd all recurse by default

And an additional doubt: what does the “-1” on the output mean?

(rclone v1.40-089-gef3bcec7-about)

That is a doc fail… lsd does not recurse by default! Use --max-depth 0 to override.

They are rather inconsistent all those ls commands - they just grew up that way alas!

I’ll fix the docs now…

Thanks, I’ll do that.


And about the “-1”, what does it mean?

lsd shows number of objects and total size of the directlory. It writes -1 if it doesn’t know.

That isn’t in the docs either, so I’ve added that!

I cleared my browser cache and I still see:


Those won’t get updated until the 1.41 release at the weekend.

Ok! :+1: