Command for Dropbox APPs authorization (bulk way)

Can I somehow use below command for Dropbox APP authorization with Rclone (Dropbox dev apps)?

rclone config create db-20-1 dropbox client_id= XXXX client_secret= 45455

What would you do to connect 500 APPs per once and generate that big config file?
I have a list of client IDs and keys.


did you try the command and it failed to create a working remote?

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Yes i tried, but i saw error. After few testings now connects OK with bellow command:

rclone config create db-20-1 dropbox --dropbox-client-id XXXXXXXXX --dropbox-client-secret XXXXXXXXX config_is_local= true

Only problem i see, that will token expire after 6 hours. It's somehow possible to add:

I need to add that through browser manually right now as workarround solution.

Thank you!

it is normal for tokens to expire after a period of time.
rclone will renew tokens on the fly

Perfect. I didn't know that. Thank you. Rclone community is a really great and helpful. :heart:

I noticed that RCLONE config file doesn't update with Client_ID and Client_sectet It has to be added to command twice as seen below:

rclone config create db-demo dropbox client-id XXXXXX client-secret XXXXXX --dropbox-client-id XXXXXX --dropbox-client-secret XXXXXX

One more thing. I noticed that my tokens didn't refreshed automatically (expired after 6 hours because renew-token wasn't generated with above command). Above command works perfectly only if i manually add: &token_access_type=offline at the end of a Auth2 Dropbox URL.

It's possible to add &token_access_type=offline to command that i don't need to add it manually?


You shouldn't need the --dropbox-client-secret and --dropbox-client-id flags when doing this.

When I tried this with a normal client-id and client-secret it worked fine, and also when I tried it with an app client I created it worked fine too.

$ rclone config create dropboxapp dropbox client_id=XXX client_secret=YYY
2022/06/29 10:18:17 NOTICE: Make sure your Redirect URL is set to "http://localhost:53682/" in your custom config.
2022/06/29 10:18:17 NOTICE: If your browser doesn't open automatically go to the following link:
2022/06/29 10:18:17 NOTICE: Log in and authorize rclone for access
2022/06/29 10:18:17 NOTICE: Waiting for code...
2022/06/29 10:18:28 NOTICE: Got code
type = dropbox
client_secret = XXX
client_id = YYY
token = {"access_token":"XXX", "token_type":"bearer","refresh_token":"YYY","expiry":"2022-06-29T14:18:29.27704262+01:00"}
$ rclone lsf dropboxapp:
# no files seen as it is the app

So I think you've probably not quite ticked enough buttons on the dropbox app config page

Here is what I have


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