Combining Duplicate Folders?

I have a directory with a few thousand folders and lots of duplicates with different files in each duplicate. How would I go about combing these all together? This happened after I uploaded via Rclone to my team drive, then manually moved the main folder from the team drive to my main drive. It didn't combine the folders but instead now I have tons of duplicates. I'm aware of dedupe but as far as I know, that's only for duplicate files in the same folder.

I have also tried moving them via rclone to another folder, but rclone only copies 1 of them and leaves the duplicate behind. Then when I run it again, it just says ignored duplicate folder.

Any help would be appreciated...

Here's an example of how it looks:
There are different files in each duplicate that need to be in the same folder.

Dedupe should work on folders as well I believe.

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Sorry I am an idiot.. Should have read the dedupe documentation a little more clearly. It worked perfect.


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