Cloning remotes to new OS

I plan on dual-booting my system with Xubuntu Linux. I already have rclone installed on Windows, and it has a few remotes on it. Is there a way that I can clone these remotes to the dual-booted OS so that I can access the exact same remotes from Linux as well as from Windows? Or would I have to recreate them? And if I have to recreate them, wouldn't all the secrets for the crypt remotes be different?

Run rclone config file. That will show you the location of your rclone.conf file. Example below.

rclone config file
Configuration file is stored at:

You can copy this file to your new system. Done :slight_smile:

Note: Windows and linux keep the rclone.conf file in different locations. Be sure you copy the file only.

rclone config file doesn't seem to work on Linux. Is there a different command for Linux? It works on Windows though. If I type rclone config file in Linux, it tells me that rclone config expects 0 arguments.

It works on Linux.

What does rclone version show?

rclone version

rclone version shows version 1.36 on Linux, and 1.50.2 on Windows

You'd want to grab the latest version from the website as that's like 4-5 years old.

I will try that. I downloaded rclone from apt before.

Distribution repos are usually out of date and really should not be used as they are not maintained that well usually.

Ah, OK. The rclone config file command works in Linux now. Didn't know just how out of date it was when I installed it from apt.

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