Clarification on rclone epff union policy

Is rclone epff policy for search more random than eprand ?

From the docs it seems epff would be more random than eprand or am I wrong?

How I can find out which remote is being used for open files ?

It is random in a different way - you'll get the first found rather than a random choice

Not sure! Turning on -vv might give you a hit.

Which one is the best to distribute load bewteen the remotes in the union?

What happens if one remote don't have the file and you are using a random policy?

I tried running with --log-level DEBUG and I couldn't see what remote was being used for each file.

And I'm not sure it's working at all, because it did not help to lessen the 403 errors

The problem might be that is is having to query all the remotes to figure out whether the path exists or not. The random policy first finds all remotes with the file, then chooses a random one, so if you are trying to reduce accesses, I'm not sure that it will help.

I just changed all my remotes to eprand. Lets see what happens now.

But consider adding to the debug output which remote is being used for what... and maybe also caching the directory and file list from the remotes so you don't have to do API hits to know which remote has what

Both excellent suggestions - thanks :slight_smile:

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