Chunker upload to Drive avoid trash


Is there a flag (haven't found) or option to not to allow chunked temporary files (*_vwxyz) go to the trash bin (deleted) in case the whole upload fails?
I can upload the missing chunks and undelete and reuse the already uploaded ones successfully. That's why I'm asking if rclone can do that for me in the event it fails for any reason.


Short answer: no

There are multiple features out there to support resumable uploads they aren't done yet. Depends on which backend you are talking about as you can search:

Issues · rclone/rclone (

Garbage (temporary chunk) management is missing a.t.m. I need to allocate enough time to add it. Most probably adding it will result in slight storage format changes. This means I will also have to add the rclone backend upgrade command to upgrade old format metadata inplace. Having these two features I will gladly remove the "BETA" marking from the backend.

P.S. Asking users to run backend upgrade implies they should have latest rclone with latest chunker and latest backend upgrade that understands correctly all previous chunker storage formats. Half a year ago we made this part simple with rclone selfupdate. It's time to do the next step :slight_smile:


Thanks Ivan.
That would be perfect in my case....

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