Chunk size, speeds & multiple remotes

hi please assist with the below:

-important facts: have intel i5, 32gb ram, 2tb nvme ssd (had 400gb left during yesterdays upload to team drive a & 85gb during todays download of team drive b), nvidia 1050, 1gbps symetrical leased fiber line connection, used rclone browser for both uploads & didn't have any other intensive software running just chrome with one window & my usual 30 or so tabs

*how do you change chunk size of google drive remotes?

*do i need to have different client id's & secrets per google account or can they use the same one?

*does having many remotes/g drive remotes effect ram or performance of rclone
/rclone browser?

*i tried uploading to g drive remotes same time & noticed a drop in upload speed for both remotes, is this normal?

*for remotes i currently have 4 google accounts as members on one gsuite team drive account (team drive a) each with their own client id's & secrets & have 6 google accounts as members on my other gsuite team drive account (team drive b)

-yesterday i was uploading 80mbp/s from one account to team drive a with a 554gb folder but after making all these accounts for team drive a & b im uploading 45mb/s from one account to team drive b with a 740gb folder

-im gonna experiment to see what variables caused the drop such as perhaps me using qbitorrent during upload even though all torrents were paused & not uploading/downloadig/seeding


hello and welcome to the forum,

that is the rclone way :upside_down_face:

remotes are just entries in a config file.
ram and system resources are only used when you run the rclone app.
given your setup, much like mine, i would not worry about it.
you should be able to saturate that internet connection.

if you are copying between two different accounts

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