Chocolatey: Seems to be kept up to date with rclone versions lately

This is an observation with a question:

Chocolatey is a handy way to keep misc apps up to date in Windows. Ages ago the versions of rclone on Choco were often quite out of date. Lately though it seems the versions have been updated to the current release very quickly.

Is someone on the rclone team keeping rclone updated on Chocolatey? If so then my confidence to use Choco as the main source is much higher.

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I have no idea of what the choko team is doing, but rclone releases are available in a very predictable structure - so if it were me I'd probably just have some some script scan for more recent versions and auto-add them. I highly doubt they sit and manually monitor thousands of programs for new versions - at least long as they can avoid it :slight_smile:

I wasn't sure if choco finds apps and updates them or if app/repo owners submit to choco. From your response I guess it's the former.

Auto updating rclone is simple on linux and mac os. I just haven't bothered to write a script to auto update it in windows yet. Yes, manual is simple. But auto is even better :wink:

Stigma - Thank you for your constant contributions btw. We always thank ncw, but know that you and several others are active in making everything always better here. Just playing now with the vfscachewarmup script you posted. Nice

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No we aren't doing it officially...

Here is the package page:

It appears to have two maintainers so big :+1: from me for doing such a great job!

Arguably - auto-updating is probably something that rclone could do to itself. If a new version is detected on launch, a smaller helper-script could be spawned before exiting, then that script can download and replace the exe before re-launching and proceeding with normal operations.

Wouldn't be surprised if something like that got added at some point. I just suspect that (like so much else) it just hasn't been a priority. Would be neat though... and it actually shouldn't be so hard to just script a wrapper that did this for you that you would run instead of rclone to have this feature.... (maybe I'll look into that or try to recruit a better scripter to help if there is sufficient demand for a near-term fix).

It is a nice feature :slight_smile: There is even an issue about it. I was thinking rclone self-update or something like that and then to steal import the code under the permissive licence from restic :wink:

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