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Hello to all,
I would use LXterminal to configure rclone instead of xterm, which I uninstalled. How can I start it automatically when I start "config" from the rclone GUI window?
Thank you

rclone GUI is not supported any more.

If you have to use terminal of your choice just do not start it from the GUI but run rclone config manually.

Thank you, but if I use LXterminal the configuration I write is not saved in the rclone directory (so, the cloud configuarti are not visible), instead with Xterm, yes.
The problem is that with LXterminal I can paste the long personal keys for access to the various clouds, while Xterm does not copy/ paste.
Anyway, I fixed it by copying a rclone.conf file that I had on another pc.

BTW you can specify file location:

rclone config --config /path/to/file

And in terms of copy/paste you should never rely on terminal capabilities (as you noticed they can differ) but on your text editor functions - both vi and nano allow to copy text between files regardless of lines length. It is worth to learn how to do it if you work with unix cmd a lot.

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Many thanks ! ! !

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