Change Read Only Directory Names

I'm using a HTTP remote to read files of a tv-series webserver. As we know HTTP remote's are read-only but I want to edit directory names somehow. As like a directory name is saved on the server as "13 Reasons Why (TV Series 2017– ) 720p". I want to change the directory name to "13 Reasons Why (2017– ) 720p". My plex sever can't match the shows metadata just because the directory name has "TV Series". I want to remove it. Is it possible to edit all directories name somehow ?

hello and welcome to the forum,

so the media files are on a http server?

for plex,
are you downloading the files, using a rclone mount to the web server or what?

Create symlinks on your local filsystem. But that solutions seems about as cumbersome as just manually matching names in plex

You could automate it with a script though?

Sorry for the delay.
Yeah I've created a cache remote for that http remote & mounted it. Plex look at the Mounted directory.

How to do so? Can you help me ?
I'm actually newbie in linux. If you give me a script, it'll be helpful.

You'd do something like

  • list all the directories
  • match ones with "TV Series" in them
  • remove the "TV Series"
  • then link the old name with the new name with ln

Sorry I'm out of time to write a script for you so hopefully that will give you a hint!

Sorry but again I'm newbie here !!

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