Change magic header


I noticed rclone has an 8 bytes long magic header which contains the word "RCLONE" which might not be wise as cloud providers will immediately know this data has been encrypted by rclone. Is there a way to customize that?


--user-agent string                    Set the user-agent to a specified string. The default is rclone/ version (default "rclone/v1.50.2")


The user agent overwriting won't help with the crypt's magic header, but thanks.

This isn't customizable at the moment. It could be though if you were feeling paranoid and didn't mind your crypted files being incompatible.

I mean I am about to move between cloud providers therefore I have to re encrypt my files. I definitely wouldn't mind if there would be a way to change the header "prefix".

Fancy sending a pull request?

I tried to, but couldn't get it to work with a config flag for example. Only the hardcoded changing would work with my lacking go understanding I think. :blush: But that's also an option, yeah.

Anyways, thanks for your quick help!

If you want to send up what you've got I'll help you fix it!

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