Change Client ID String

Is there a flag to change the headers rclone uses to identify itself for http or webdav remotes?
I did check the docs but nothing was self explanatory to that end.
--header stringArray doesn't seem to do it, I'm actually not sure what that changes because I'm not seeing any difference in my logs on a test run.

Basically I want to use the auth header to also add a short memo to my server logs. If I can set the headers, then I can identify specific clients, even if they are behind the same NAT. Instead of "Rclone 1.51 on DarwinX86" I can have my logs read "Rclone 1.51 on DarwinX86 (Laptop)" and "Rclone 1.51 on DarwinX86 (Desktop)" respectively.

Or if I am on my buddy's server, I can leave him messages as an easter egg... e.g. "YOU DIDN'T SAY THE MAGIC WORD" ...but who would do that? Mostly it's the first thing.

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