Certificate and other 'things' storage

My goal is to make setup and moving of a bunch of processes (http/dav/ftp/etc) as easy as possible. What do we think of allowing the remotes themselves to actually store some of the configuration files for rclone (especially for the ‘serve’ function). Something like this:

rclone serve http mycryptgdrive:Datavolume -L
–addr :xxxx
–cert mycryptgdrive:wild.domain.org/fullchain.pem
–key mycryptgdrive:wild.domain.org/privkey.pem
–htpasswd mycryptgdrive:wild.domain.org/.passwordhttp
–realm “Authorized users only”
–rc-addr :xxxx
–rc-user xxxx
–rc-pass xxxx

In my use case, I use a wild card cert on my domain and I use that for multiple http servers all needing the same certs. Instead of pushing them everywhere, why not let rclone use a central source. I can see this being useful but not sure if its really worth the coding investment in rclone.

That is an interesting idea!

I think the biggest problem is that it isn’t useable for any of the backend parameters (which likely need to be loaded before use) so I don’t think it is a general purpose enough.

I think I’d just put an rclone sync in the script to fetch the certificates before the rclone serve