Can't write to rclone cache

I’m doing some testing with rclone cache - I’m trying to see if I can replace unionfs in my setup by creating a rclone cache mount for sonarr, radarr etc to use and then having plex use a vfs mount to play cloud files and local files played direct from tmp_upload_path.

The problem I’m having is that I can’t write files to my rclone cache. When I try to copy files using windows explorer it says it can’t copy the files, and then eventually 1KB versions files end up in the folder.

What am I doing wrong? It’s been a while since I created a cache mount. Thanks

rclone mount --allow-other --buffer-size 100M --fast-list --log-level INFO gdrive_cache: /mnt/user/mount_rclone/google_cache --stats 1m &

type = crypt
remote = gdrive:crypt
filename_encryption = standard
directory_name_encryption = true
password = REMOVED
password2 = REMOVED

type = cache
remote = gdrive_media:
chunk_size = 10M
info_age = 2d
chunk_total_size = 10G
db_path = /tmp/rclone
db_purge = true
chunk_no_memory = true
tmp_upload_path = /mnt/user/rclone_upload/google_cache
chunk_path = /tmp/rclone
workers = 6

Put the log level up to debug, reproduce the error and share the logs.

adding --vfs-cache-mode writes has fixed the writing problem - maybe having a vfs mount running at the same time caused problems?

I’m just testing now a few uploads to see how fast my vfs mount spots the changes and then plex. If all goes well I’m going to ditch unionfs + my offline upload and just use rclone’s cache to do my uploading and merging local and cloud files for sonarr and radarr.

rclone mount --allow-other --buffer-size 100M --fast-list --vfs-cache-mode writes --log-level INFO gdrive_cache: /mnt/user/mount_rclone/google_cache --stats 1m &

I use mergerfs so I can use hard linking which wouldn’t work with writing directly to the mount.

I saw you tried to send the logs, but that link didn’t work. Not sure if you can post the snippets here as that would be helpful in figuring out what the issue is.