Cant sync with onedrive student account

I cant configure rclone to sync with my onedrive office student account, it gives me this error when it tries to authenticate my account:

"Error: Auth Error

Description: No code returned by remote server"

rclone version: 1.51/amd64 64bits. Downloaded zip version for linux.

Procedure I am doing on ubuntu 20.04 terminal:

rclone config
*No remotes found - make a new one
name> onedrive
storage>23 (which is the option for Microsoft Onedrive
client id>
*Edit advanced config? (y/n)
Use auto config?
If your browser doesn't open automatically go to the following link: Deleted because cant post link... but its the default by rclone
*Log in and authorize rclone for access
*Waiting for code...
*2020/05/13 21:15:55 Failed to configure token: Error: Auth Error
*Code: ""
*Description: No code returned by remote server

EDIT UPDATE: When I give my client ID to rclone (which I got on Azure Microsoft Portal) it gets me this message on the authorization step:
"AADSTS50194: Application 'My client ID'(P2P Server) is not configured as a multi-tenant application. Usage of the /common endpoint is not supported for such applications created after '10/15/2018'. Use a tenant-specific endpoint or configure the application to be multi-tenant."

I tried to modify the permission of my client, but I don't allow me to do so.
Then, I tried creating a new app registration inside my azure portal, which I can... but it ends up on the first error I was receiving when I didn't use my client id.

Any thoughts?

Have a go with the latest beta and see if that helps. We made some improvements to the storage selection part of this code.

I tried installing it by:

curl | sudo bash -s beta

Is that right?

Haven't worked either, the same problem happens.


can you post rclone version

are you running rclone config on a command line terminal.
if so, have you seen this?

rclone version: 1.51/amd64 64bits. Downloaded zip version for linux.

Yes, I am doing it all through command line.
I take a look at your link, but I don't think it applies to me since I am not using a remote machine. But I did tried the process and got stuck on the same step: It doesn't give authorization by the browser link,

that does not look like a beta version, can you post the actual output of rclone version
it would look like

rclone v1.51.0-264-g2696e369-fix-4104-cwd-disappears-beta
- os/arch: windows/amd64
- go version: go1.14.2

you wrote "tried the process"
which one of the processes did you try?
as per that link "There are two ways of doing it"

I installed with this command, I believe it downloads and install the earliest beta version. Dont know how to check it.

All the process in this link necessarily needs me to authorize rclone through a link, which I cant. I did an update on the post about it. When I set my client id, it gives me a different error.

I am trying to solve the problem through azure portal by creating permissions in my account. But so far I am guessing I don't have a lot of permission privileges since I have a student account.

I believe the problem is with onedrive permissions and not with rclone. But I haven't figured it out yet.

Type "which rclone'". I bet you have two installed and it's using the older one. The new one will go to /usr/bin

can you run rclone version and post the output?
this is let us know the exact version you are using.

rclone v1.51.0-320-g52b7337d-beta

  • os/arch: linux/amd64
  • go version: go1.14.2

good. thanks...

have you tried this?

Have you tried the headless option? Auto-config no.

@asdffdsa @calisro

I believe I am a bit lost into this process.

I type auto-config with the "no" option.
It asks me to run "rclone authorize "onedrive" on my machine.
So I just open a new terminal and type it? Dont really got it.

And for the command "rclone config file" it answers me that, since I couldn't create it:
"Configuration file doesn't exist, but rclone will use this path:

if you have a desktop computer with a gui and web browser, then run rclone config on that computer,
then copy the rclone.conf from desktop computer to headless computer

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