Can't store file with control characters

My backend is "sftp" against a synology diskstation. I can either use an SMB mount and copy the file in question (Icon^M) or I can use the SFTP programme to do the same. In both cases, the file is created/copied.

The error message is spurious. Files with control characters in the name can indeed be stored.
A kluge to fail and not report the error is not a solution.

This is in the process of being fixed in

You could try the beta there:

I think I used the wrong beta to test against.

Lets try again.....

Works! Great. Thanks for that.

lust% ~/Downloads/rclone-v1.49.0-031-ge5c6c14b-filename-encode-beta-osx-amd64/rclone check . nas:/homes/dap/Dropbox
2019/08/29 17:24:51 ERROR : Icon␍: File not in sftp://nimda@

sync synced them, and check no longer complains.

Great - thanks for testing :slight_smile:

I hope to have that PR merged for v1.50

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