Can't move documents


I am using rclone sync to backup files from Google Drive to Dropbox.

If I create a file, test.pdf and two folders ‘folder 1’ and ‘folder 2’ in a directory, sync, then move test.pdf into folder 1 and re-sync, the result will be, on the destination, that there are two copies of test.pdf: one in the root directory and a second within folder 1.

It seems that when I move files, they are being copied to the new folder but not being removed from the original.

I am also having problems deleting and receiving the following error:

**Failed to sync: not deleting files as there were IO errors**

Any ideas what could be wrong?

Those two problems are related… Rclone doesn’t delete stuff if there are IO errors.

Check the logs - it should give you a hint as to what is happening.