Can't get a decent speed with rclone + crypt + cache + plex


What kind of machine you configure? I did the smallest and got:

felix@test:/GD/Radarr_Movies/Unsane (2018)$ rsync --progress Unsane\ \(2018\).mkv  /
Unsane (2018).mkv
  2,090,369,024   8%   68.37MB/s    0:05:40 

That was on a fresh install. CPU was pegged.


This one:

n1-highcpu-8 (8 vCPUs, 7,2 GB de memoria)

Last thing i thought was maybe distance from gsuite datacenter but no.

made a vm in europe and another one in usa.


That’s crazy. I’m on the East Coast with my home server and my gSuite is in the US as well.


Can you change log level to DEBUG and post the log? Maybe you are getting rate limited?