Can't copy crypted file to my gdrive


I’m trying to setup a plex library that points to a plexdrive. Did ok with the mounting part.

But when i try to copy encrypted videos to my gdrive (manually with rclone copy), i get a quota error. The thing is i don’t get this error if my video is not crypted. I’m not sure if i did something wrong.

Does someone know why do i have this error ? i setup a crypt remote name “crypt” so for exemple when i want to copy test.mkv i’ll do > rclone copy test.mkv crypt:


Hmm, looks like the right command. What exactly is the error?

I understand where this error comes from. I really had a quota problem. Bought a gdrive from ebay and sharing it with my normal gdrive up the quota…
I can only upload from the , guess i’ll need to ask a refound ^^;