Can't copy at root level Google drive


I've just started using rclone but with rclone browser so sorry slightly off topic here

When I copy from Google Drive to my Arch linux setup all works fine, but when I copy from the PC to Google drive it doesn't copy at what I would call root level

For instance
Source /home/trevor/Google Drive
Destination Google Drive where I have my files and folders doesn't work

For me this is the root level


If I do
Source /home/trevor/Google Drive
Destination Google Drive:Google Drive
But this means I have to have a folder called Google Drive in Google Drive (or perhaps want I want to call it maybe)

No big deal, just not sure why it doesn't seem to want to copy at root level

PS I set up the google drive remote using just rclone


I figured this out myself
Destination Google Drive:

Works, I needed to leave the : after Google Drive:

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