Can't convert Gsheet to Xlsx

How do I use --drive-export-formats=desktop with --include to get just the Google format files?
Example: With --drive-export-formats=url I can use --include *.url. This by nature excludes all the other superfluous documents.

EDIT: --include *.desktop >facepalm<

here is my test folder and command and output

rclone.exe ls gdrive-a1b2:x --exclude={*.pptx,*.xlsx,*.docx} --drive-export-formats=ods,odt,odp 
       -1 slide.odp
       -1 doc.odt
       -1 sheet.ods


rclone.exe lsf gdrive-a1b2:x --exclude={*.xlsx,*.pptx,*.docx} --drive-export-formats=ods,odt,odp 1> list.txt

this will give you a text file like this.
now, you know

  • the name of the file
  • the file type

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