Cannot copy versioned s3 file which has 1024 bytes for filename

What is the problem you are having with rclone?

I am using "--s3-verisons" option for copy, move. rclone add the versioned data like "-v2023-10-10-183201-000" at the end of filename. but s3 has the 1024 bytes limitation for filename length. If the filename length is 1024 bytes, it cannot be copied or moved. How can I handle it.

Run the command 'rclone version' and share the full output of the command.


Try --s3-version-at flag instead. It won't use timestamp prefixes but show cloud storage state at specific time.

Otherwise if you use versions extensively you have to make sure that file name + version timestamp max length is <1024.

I got it. I have other question.
Is there the rclone option for moving versioned files from s3 to s3 which has versioning feature without changing filename?

Nope - nothing like this available today.

You should still be able to copy files from s3 to your local disk. What problem are you seeing?

If I use to copy from s3 to local disk, I might be ok. In my case, s3 doesn't accept the file which has the filename over 1024 bytes. because s3 can have long filename including folder path easily. let me know if you have a idea about transfering the file which has 1024 bytes filename from s3 to s3.

Hmm, rclone doesn't currently support copying from version to s3 - if it did then that would work fine.

If that worked would that fix your problem? So you could copy the files with versions?

Yes, I just want to maintain the original configuration of the file with versions.

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