Can we export to both ODT and PDF at the same time from GoogleDocs

I was trying out the Google Docs exports with rclone sync, and it doesn't appear to do exports to PDF and OpenDocument formats at the same time.

Running a command "rclone sync : /GoogleDriveBackup/ --drive-export-formats ods,odt,odp,pdf" just gives me OpenDocument (odt, ods) files, while if I put "pdf" first on the exports formats it only gives me PDF files.

Is this expected behavior?

Dunno as you missed the whole support template so could be an old version issue, could be a command issue, could be many things..

Yes. The export formats shows the preferred order that you'd like the formats in. Rclone picks the first format from that list that the doc can be exported in.

If you want multiple formats, you will have to use rclone copy multiple times.

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