Can two clients running rclone sync simultaneously on one remote cause a problem?

I have a script that automatically backups up a folder hierarchy (rclone sync) on a phone to an rclone remote.

I have another script that automatically backups up a (different) folder hierarchy on a computer to the same rclone remote.

The scripts are triggered independently by the inotifywait tool which detecting changes in the filesystems.

As the scripts are not aware of each other, there is a possibility they may both run at the same time. Could this possible cause a problem with my cloud provider such as throttling?

Are there any other users who access a single remote by more than one client simultaneously?

sure i do that all the time.

it depends on the exact commands and the exact destinations?

As long as this goes to a different hierarchy on the remote then you will be OK.

So something like this is OK

rclone sync /path/to/dir1 remote:dir1
rclone sync /path/to/dir2 remote:dir2

Well actually one folder is within the other however I am using an exclude. Can this cause a problem or will the exclude protect me?

Here is what it looks like:

Syncing from Computer:
/Folder 1
/Folder 2
/Folder 3 (excluded with --exclude command)

Syncing from Phone:
/Folder 3 

So Computer sync everything but Folder 3 and Phone syncs only Folder 3 but folder 3 is a folder inside the hierarchy that is excluded from the Computer sync. Is this safe?


that should work but imho, not safe.

if you somehow tweak the sync command and remove --exclude or something goes wrong, that will permanently delete files

is there a reason you must sync the phone into a sub-folder of another sync command?

What @asdffdsa said. Technically the sync will work fine, but you are playing with fire :fire: with the --exclude.

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