Can someone help me with my start command (Plex, GDrive, Cache, etc.)

I’m brand new to rclone, and I’ve tried to figure this out myself, but have been failing for about a week. I have been using Stablebit Clouddrive for a month, but that isn’t working well for me. Too much buffering for being on a gigbit connection. I’ve heard people have success with rclone so that’s what I’d like to try now. Plex hasn’t worked well for a month and the wife is starting to get testy. :frowning:

One important note is that I run Windows. I can’t install Linux right now, although will take this on in a couple months. I just need a stop gap until then.

Here is my Plex user case:
Torrents will be sent to a local drive (movies to a movie folder, tv shows to a tv folder) That media will be kept on the drive for a week. After a week the media will be uploaded to GDrive where it will stay forever. I would like to encrypt the media if it doesn’t effect the usability or speed of Plex.

I currently have 2 remotes setup:"
“GDrive” Remote: this works. I’ve been able to hack together a simple command to copy files from my local device to a folder on the GDrive. I was shocked I got it to do this.

“Cache” Remote: I configured this, but I cant get it to mount. Some error with Winfsp that I"m still trying to figure out.

Many thanks for any help.