Can rclone sync gdrive to multiple onedrive?

I have 9tb gdrive and I want backup on onedrive. I can't find a way to sync one gdrive to two onedrive.

You mean copy/sync to multiple destination at once? If yes, no it currently not possible.


Thank you Harry, OMG 4 day for find the way to fix this issue. LMAO :rofl:

you can sync one gdrive to two onedrives.

  1. create two onedrive remotes.
  2. create two rclone commands to copy the folders.

There is a way, not directly;

rclone copy source: empty_dest: --compare-dest full_dest:

See: Using rclone check to print/copy differences

OMG, Thank you Benda. I think this way can fix my issue.

Can I compare more than one dest?

rclone copy source: empty_dest: --compare-dest full_dest1: full_dest2: or more.

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