Can Rclone cache specific trunks?

Is it possible to customize what trunks are cached with rclone? What I’ve noticed as I’ve moved from a psychical server to a vps and cloud storage is that certain directories are hot keys, I’d like to put caching in areas where I’ve noticed higher utilization at the trunk level to limit how often data is pulled down from google storage and keep these files on the SSD on the VPS

Example Structure

├── movies
├── music
└── tv

Here I would like to configure the cache to do the following

TV - keep 10 GB cached
Music - Keep 6 GB cached
Movie - Keep 1 GB cached
Anything else - don’t cache

This isn’t possible at the moment with rclone yet. You could make different mounts for each thing and have different caching policies for each?

I’m considering that I’m just worried that three separate instances would trip over each other with API limits since they wouldn’t be communicating health and queue information to each other.

How about this, what if I changed the retention period on cache-tmp-upload-path to 72-96 hours; would it be possible for plex to read from this location? I then would have the benefit of hot data being local, and rclone would manage rolling off the data to cold storage without complicating the workflow with additional scripts.

I guess it is worth a try! I’m not 100% sure of the consequences though.