Can multiple computers share db?

Just a simple question.
I see I can specify cache db path with this parameter: --cache-db-path
Could I put that file on a share, and have 2 computers use the same db?
What I'm thinking is, that if I make changes to my remote on one computer, it puts the changes in the DB. Then the other computer already knows of these changes and don't have to make another request to the remote in order to update its own DB.

Unfortunately the answer currently is no. The file becomes exclusively locked as soon as one rclone instance accesses it. So even 2 instances on one machine won't work.

That said, it may be theoretically possible to enable multi-access. I have a hunch the reason why the original implementation works like this has more to do with simplicity than necessity. Once you start to share a single read/write resource between multiple independent processes you add a lot of complexity and potential for bugs

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