Can it resume upload when connection interrupt?

If there is connection problem during (copy or sync) will it resume the upload once the connection is back? How many retires it can perform? what can be the time interval between each retry ?

what happens if the system goes to sleep or lock or shutdown ? will it resume upload once the system is back online?

Is there any reliable windows application for this?(GUI)

Rclone Version: -

rclone v1.51.0

  • os/arch: windows/amd64
  • go version: go1.13.7

My Os: -
Windows 10 64 bit

Cloud storage :-
AWS S3 bucket

For large files uploading to S3 rclone will resume transfers in the case of problems but you must not exit rclone!

Rclone doesn't do a from cold resume yet. general rclone will pick up where it left off if you restart it, but it will start from the beginning of any files it was uploading.

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Thanks for quick reply !

Planning to customise the rclone.exe with third party login API? Is there any example to follow if it is possible?

I'm not sure what you mean - can you explain more?

Is it possible to integrate RClone on Windows to have integrated with third-party API, to enable login?
Soon after the .EXE package gets installed on the Windows machine, the user should be prompted to log in.
The login credentials should be verified using an API request.

a dfferent poster, in another post just asked that exact same question.

i gave an answer

if you have any questions, post your reply there, not here

oh okay thanks!

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