Can i use rclone to set all gdrive revisions KeepForever=False?

Can rClone be used to modify the "keep forever" boolean for all files in bulk?

What is your rclone version (output from rclone version)

rclone v1.56.0

Which cloud storage system are you using?

Google Drive

hello and welcome to the forum,

not sure exactly what you are asking, can you provide more details?

for a rclone command, that flag should apply to all files.

if you want to use that flag, without adding to each and every command, you can add it to a remote in the conif file.
keep_revision_forever = true

in gdrive, binary files are "supposed" to be keepforverver = false by default, but they are not.

everytime i upload files [via webUI], if i upload the same file by mistake, i find that old revision is keepforever=true in the webui which i do not want,

what i want to do is set keepforever = false for every single binary i have in my

even if i have to bash script it somehow. i'm searching (and failing to find) solutions and found rClone but do not know that it does what i want.

(right-clicking a thousand files and managing keepfoever manually is a major PITA and just not acceptable)

what was the exact rclone command, config file(redact id/secret/token,etc..) and debug log, that shows the unwanted behavour.

it's not an rclone misbehavior. i'm asking if i can use rclone to perform the task needed.

i.e. can rClone iterate every drive file revision i own and set keepforever=false ?

sorry, i guess i am not understanding the issue.

this flag does not do what you need?

if not, we have gdrive experts and one should stop by soon...

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for completeness if anyone finds this thread....

i solved this with external tools (drive API):
using & KeepForeverFALSE__ALLLLL -- for and gDrive file revision "KeepForever" modification · GitHub

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What that flag does is set keep forever on the files that it uploads, not on all existing files.

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