Can I rename my entire Gdrive so it name the folders & files "plex friendly"?

Hi guys.

I was wondering if there is any chance to rename your entire library to “plex friendly” naming of everything I have uploaded?

So instead of having a folder name moviename.x264.2017.bla.bla.etc/

Can I mount the drive, do a run to make the naming optimal for plex without hitting api ban??

Thanks :slight_smile:

Don’t see why not.

I’d use something like filebot I guess if I was to do it.

Hi Ani

How should setup be done?

Lets say my gdrive is mounted to /home/plex/mnt/

Can I then run filebot via ssh on that specific folder without reupload everything again?

So I used the plex naming for filebot and just mounted and did some testing and ran it.

It was quite some time ago, but it just renames files so nothing is re-uploaded as it isn’t modifying the files.

There is a post here ->

Which gives a little detail.

Yes, I’d just mount somewhere and run filebot against it.

You can also use Sonarr/Radarr to mass rename as well if all the files are in there.

Ok :slight_smile: thanks.

Will look at it tonight .