Can I change job status expiry time?

Hello team,

I am using Rclone in rcd mode and submitting sync/copy job.

And I noticed job/status is available only for 60 seconds after the job completion.
Is it possible for me to change this status expiry default time to say 30 mins?

If not any other way I can get status info after expiry.

Rclone v1.57.0

Thanks in advance,

I think this flag will do what you want

  --rc-job-expire-duration duration   Expire finished async jobs older than this value (default 1m0s)

Note that job statuses use a small amount memory so if you've got 1000s of them you may increase your memory usage.

Perfect, this is what I was looking for , Thanks a lot.
Don't know how I have missed this flag in docs !

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