Can I avoid local PC when doing Gdrive to Gdrive copy?

Hello there, I did read what I have found using search and using search engines about this topic, however I didn't find answer.

So what I have.
I have one G drive account filled with 1.8TB data, I just got another G drive account same one as first one 2TB free with prefilled auto payment attached, 1.8TB is my home/work drive and another is work related where I want copy all data, I do have API keys from work for second account, but I don't want to abuse much these calls, I can a bit because nobody cares much :slight_smile: but do I need this?

Just wondering how whole process will go with "copy" option on rclone. As for G drive app it's clear for me I need to download everything from mounted drive and then upload everything to another G drive one.

Can I avoid this and have single liner with rclone, I do I need spend API credits to spend to move these 1.8TB, is there any options instead of putting everything on my lap with 512 GB drive :slight_smile: ?

I have only found information that people worrying about data transfer and charges for ingress traffic and to avoid it to use VM on Google.

Can I do whole task over G to G using G drive API ? Or VM or PC is unavoidable in this case, just VM with fast connection is only approach ?

Sorry for my English, It's not my native language.

Best Regards.

P.S syncing broke my connection, I did edited this post for third time, meeh!!!! :slight_smile:

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