¿Can copy server side folder from gsuite to gdrive team?


I need to know if possible make server side copy one folder from gsuite, to another g team?

Should be possible yes. I have only tried team drive to team drive (on different domains) but gsuite should be part of the same system so I assume it will work.

Look for "server side across configs" on the Google drive manual page and see how to add it to either your command or your config, then use normal copy, move, sync between your two remotes.

With rclone or web?



Allow server side operations (eg copy) to work across different drive configs.

This can be useful if you wish to do a server side copy between two different Google drives. Note that this isn’t enabled by default because it isn’t easy to tell if it will work beween any two configurations.

Config: server_side_across_configs
Type: bool
Default: false

the Config line ththere is what you use if you want to put it directly in the remote Config instead of the command

Hi @thestigma thanks! you made me save a lot of bandwidth and time, yes can make server side copy from gsuite to gteam using --drive-server-side-across-configs=true flag

just be aware the quota on server side copy iis less than normal upload. the exact number is not known. I've heard it claimed to be 100GB, but my transfers usually stall out at around 200-300GB (but I have not tested much ). At you will know what is happening if it seems to stop, and you can continue using regular copy for aa while until next day.

Yes, today only can copy 133 GB, but its great, we can save about 260 GB of BW dairy. Also its great for backups.

You can move them using the web interface, there are no limits and it's fast.

The more I test server-side copies the more I think that it's quota is at least partially tied to the file-sizes used. I copied 380GB today (and haven't even hit the limit yet) by using --min-size 1G to only copy the large files on the server-side.

You may want to experiment with this.

Really? Nice... In this case 95% of files are - 1GB. But in some cases can be great like Linux isos.

Hi @random404 but i want to copy, no move; from gsuite to g team and using web interfaces cant fin the option, only can move.

Most of mine were significantly larger - like 10GB. 93 items a 365GB total exactly (and didn't yet hit limit).

Perhaps a --largest-first flag could be useful to maximize this... I will look into it more. I think the reason it may work like this is because server-side copy leverages file-sharing, so rclone basically shares a file, the other drive downloads it, and then it un-shares it. And there are other quotas that set some limits of how much you can share files in a certain timeframe. I would suspect with very few, very large files you could even hit the regular 750GB limit.

I'm also working on a proposal to make an --exit-on-stall flag so rclone can detect if transfers like this have stopped moving files and exit automatically. That way you could have an unattended script that uses as much server-side as possible (largest files) and then does the rest with normal copy. Right now it is a pain that you have to manually check on it and can't automate it well....

The reason the webUI has no limit is probably because Google on their side can just change the permissions on the files, so no copying has to be done. It may be possible for rclone to implement the same thing in the future (but for move only of course, for the same reasons).

The ultimate solution if you need to move a ton of data is usually to make a small google Cloud VM and do the job there because you have free unlimited bandwidth inside googles network, so the machine itself costs cents on the hour. I think you even get some free credits to play around with when you sign up, so you could probably run a mini-VM free for a while. You will still have to obey 750GB/day on Gdrives though.

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