Can .bin files be opened with 3rd party software?

New to Rclone. Did a copy with encryption, with the Crypt remote set to not encrypting the filenames: "
Adds a ".bin" extension only." Is Rclone required to decrypt the files or can I use 3rd party software? So far I haven't found any, but would prefer that. Thanks!

hello and welcome the forum,

since rclone encrypted the contents of the file, rclone is needed to decrypt the files.

have you tried to search the forum, for example

Hi, thanks -- I did search the forum, but didn't find that. Will look at it. Basically, searching for a solution that mirrors some folders on my hard drive, encrypts the files, but let's me access them and decrypt them outside the backup ecosystem. Backup4all does something like that but it's really slow and clunky.

you can use rclone mount to mount the crypted remote to appear as local storage.

Ah, nice idea. And I just started messing with Rclone Browser, which does the job too.

there are several forks of rclone browser, some of which are buggy and out of date.
i use this one, on windows and linux,
the author has a version for android.

Yup, that's the one I eventually stumbled on. OT, but question: The Jobs tab. What jobs is it supposed to show? Or Tasks for the matter? Can I actually create jobs/tasks? Can't seem to find documentation for that.

  1. open a remote
  2. click on a file/folder
  3. click on a command, for example, download
  4. a dialog box appears
  5. notice at the bottom, there is a button labeled 'save task'

Thank you! Very helpful!

Wow, all RcloneBrowser needs is a scheduler and it would make a Rclone shine as a tool for the non-power user.

i have contacted the author, he is very responsive.
i contacted him about an issue/suggestion, with the android version.
he implemented it quickly.

Thanks! That would be a game-changing feature. BTW, another thing I love about RcloneBrowser is that you can use it to build commands correctly and then export them to the clipboard. That's an amazing feature for newbies who find it hard to build complex commands. I'm going to use RB to build and test commands then export them to .bat files for use in Windows Task Scheduler.

nice, that is a good combination of software to get a complete solution.

if you need any help with task scheduler, let me know.

Thank you -- I will probably will take you up on that!

So I've been looking around the Rclone Browser Github project area, and there's a far-along beta with job scheduling. There was a lot of activity in the Issues discussions about this in Feb/March, and It looks like the author was just about to issue a 2.0 release when he went silent. I've downloaded the beta and I'm messing with it now. It looks great: a feature-rich frontend to Rclone.

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