Caching - rclone as network drive?


I want to use rclone with encryption on google drive as an network drive on my computer. One point I don’t really understand is how does rclone behave when the upload didn’t finish yet.
When I use Dropbox, Google Drive File Stream or StableBit CloudDrive the files are stored locally (in the synced folder or cached somewhere) and synced to the cloud when I have internet connection. When the connection is lost the upload will stop and the next time the synchronization will continue. I can be sure after a while all files will be uploaded.

What happens when I mount a drive with rclone and I will shut down the computer before the sync is finished or if the connection ist lost? Will it also continue to synchronize the next time there is a connection again?

Thank you and best regards

It depends on exactly how you mount it.

If you do a mount with --vfs-cache-mode none (the default) then the uploads are synchronous so the program (or whatever) won’t finish saving until the file is uploaded.

If you run --vfs-cache-mode writes which you’ll probably end up doing for more compatibility, then the uploaded files are stored in rclone’s cache directory rclone help flags cache-dir will show you where those are.

These are not retried if you quit rclone before the transfer is finished. That is something that needs fixing!

The other alternative would be to use the cache backend - this will retry uploads when you quite rclone and restart it.