Cache (new remote) or vfs-cache for rclone mount

Sorry if this has been explained before, I did a search but nothing was clear to me. I have been using rclone for a few years but was unaware of “vfs-cache” until now and am wondering if it is a replacement for the Cache remote (option 7 currently) in the newer versions of rclone?

I am using “rclone mount” for my cloud drive and would like to use a cache. I created the Cache Remote but when troubleshooting refresh times for new files I came across the --vfs-cache-poll-interval which seems to be for the mount command and not related to the Cache remote so now I am very confused.
Can someone tell me which I should be using now for caching a remote? Also how to get that cache to check every hour for new files in the cloud drive the remote is pointing at?


The only options related to the cache backend are listed here:

The cache backend does chunked reading of a remote and keeps a copy of those chunks locally.

Standard VFS has some options related to file caching and is much different as it has its own set of options:

Regardless of what you use, the backend might support polling like Google Drive for example and it uses a default 1 minute polling cycle to check for changes. Any changes are seen on the mount via that polling interval.

Make sure you have the latest version installed and if you have any questions, just share your mount command and the issue with -vv (debug output) on the problem and we can help out.

Thanks @Animosity022. I am using Box with a Crypt remote. My ideal situation is to scan Box every hour for new files and keep those new files in a local cache for 24/48 hours.Can you advise the best setup for this? I setup a cache remote pointing at the crypt remote and mounted it but when I added some spreadsheets to the one side they did not appear on the side with the cache. Im guessing I need to add something to make it check for new files more often?
My mount command is fairly basic… /usr/bin/rclone mount Cache: /mnt/Cache --allow-other

No nothing needs to be added.

There is no option to keep files for x hours as chunks work based on access to them and expire over time and as the cache fills up based on your options.

Without any logs to anything to look at, saying it didn’t work doesn’t help us figure out what the issue was.

Thanks @Animosity022 . So you are saying that with the default cache settings the local server should check the Box drive and show the new files on the local server within a hour of them being copied to the Box drive at a different location?

As in Office A (Hong Kong) adds a file. Office B (USA) sees file in their cache within an hour of Office A adding it.

Cache remote settings…
type = cache
remote = Box-Enc:
chunk_size = 10M
info_age = 2d
chunk_total_size = 50G

It does depend on the remote. I’m not familiar with Box offhand, but dropbox doesn’t do polling as an example:

2019/04/23 13:04:59 INFO  : Dropbox root '': poll-interval is not supported by this remote

If you see that message, it doesn’t do polling so you’d need to be careful on dir-cache-time and info_age if that’s the case.

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