Cache mount overwritten file's meta data not refreshing and unexpected EOF error

my plex mount has been terrific but having issues when a better res video overwrites the original file ie. 720p to 1080p version. My mount:

rclone mount gbcache: /plex/mount --allow-other --tpslimit 10 --cache-db-path /plex/db --cache-chunk-path /plex/cache --buffer-size 0 --cache-info-age 1h -v

when remote is mounted, rclone will output the unexpected EOF message if the file has been overwritten with a different resolution version. the video can still play fine but the media info within plex is still showing the old info and video takes noticeably longer to load. it seems like the only way is to PURGE cache THEN remount remote.

anyway for rclone to update the media info automatically?

What version are you running? Some cache fixes in the latest beta in regards to polling/expiring. Not sure if it totally matches.

I’ve started to use plex_autoscan to help with emptying trash and such when I change files and resolutions. I do tag my files with 720p/1080p/etc though as well so I don’t quite hit your use case.

i’m on the latest 1.40. i’m using filebot’s amc script to auto organize and rename and rclone cron to upload. filebot will rename the new version using the same file name. i don’t need to keep copies of the same video in different resolutions.

Latest release version? That wouldn’t have a few of the fixes that were put in. I’d grab the latest beta and see how that works.

I don’t keep copies either and plex_autoscan does a nice job of expiring the cache to be sure.

It seems to be working in beta with the cache expiring. Thanks @Animosity022!