--cache-mode missing


I’m using latest beta: rclone v1.38-208-gebd77801β and I’m missing the “–cache-mode” parameter.
All cache parameters I see with ‘rclone mount --help’ are:

  --cache-chunk-age string            How much time should a chunk be in cache before cleanup (default "3h")
  --cache-chunk-no-memory             Disable the in-memory cache for storing chunks during streaming
  --cache-chunk-size string           The size of a chunk (default "5M")
  --cache-db-path string              Directory to cache DB (default "/home/fileserver/.cache/rclone/cache-backend")
  --cache-db-purge                    Purge the cache DB before
  --cache-dir string                  Directory rclone will use for caching. (default "/home/fileserver/.cache/rclone")
  --cache-info-age string             How much time should object info be stored in cache (default "6h")
  --cache-read-retries int            How many times to retry a read from a cache storage (default 3)
  --cache-rps int                     Limits the number of requests per second to the source FS. -1 disables the rate limiter (default -1)
  --cache-warm-up-age string          How much time should data be cached during warm up (default "3h")
  --cache-warm-up-rps string          Format is X/Y = how many X opens per Y seconds should trigger the warm up mode. See the docs (default "3/20")
  --cache-workers int                 How many workers should run in parallel to download chunks (default 4)
  --cache-writes                      Will cache file data on writes through the FS

Did I something wrong?

Yes, sorry I renamed it to --vfs-cache-mode it was causing too much confusion with the cache backend’s flags. I don’t plan to move it again.