Cache --dir-cache-time and --cache-info-age

Does --dir-cache-time and --cache-info-age get cleared on a system reboot or stored on a file?

It's a bit confusing as they are part of two different things as the first is part of the default mount and second is part of the cache backend.

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This is in memory and cleared each time the service is restarted and a reboot would clear it too :slight_smile:

This should be part of the cache database so it's persistent on disk. You can remove or purge the db to clear it.

Remember this for both of those together though:

Just to clarify for others. It's not only part of the mount. Any serve function uses this. It's one aspect of the docs that I think is confusing as to what flags are for mounts while other flags are for serve / mounts in general.

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