--bwlimit unit powers

about --bwlimit unit the docs say:
"specify the desired bandwidth in kBytes/s, or use a suffix b|k|M|G"

is here the unit power binary?
1024 kBytes/s = 1MBytes/s

1000 kBytes/s = 1MBytes/s

the answer is 1024,

any self-respecting program is binary :wink:
as the Beatles wrote "Eight Days a Week"

as per the docs,
"Data transfer volume will still be reported in bytes. The rate is reported as a binary unit, not SI unit. So 1 Mbit/s equals 1,048,576 bits/s and not 1,000,000 bits/s."

"Options which use SIZE use kByte by default. However, a suffix of b for bytes, k for kBytes, M for MBytes, G for GBytes, T for TBytes and P for PBytes may be used. These are the binary units, e.g. 1, 210, 220, 2**30 respectively."

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