Buffer question about 4k movies

I have the problem when I play direct stream as a 4k that it always hangs short times.

but when I transcode it the buffer gets bigger (according to Tautulli) and it runs smoothly.

how is your experience using which buffer with which size?

I'd like him to buffer more. Like transcoding, there's probably 3-5% more buffered.

my current mount
--cache-db-purge --stats 1s --buffer-size 1G --timeout 5s --contimeout 5s gdrive:/ /mnt/

I can advice you to use a normal mount with --vfs-cache-mode and not a cache mount.

A video buffer and the rclone buffer are two quite separate things - so don't confuse them.
Setting a larger buffer in rclone (yours is already way more than you need) will not make your video player buffer more, although having a reasonable amount can be beneficial to assist in not running out of buffer due to the added latency of cloud storage.

Rclone's buffer will try to keep X amount of MB in memory for any file you request - so that further reading of that file can be responsive rather than having to wait for the delay of asking for more data from the cloud. However, how fast you video player grabs that data from rclone is entirely up to the video player and it's settings. Rclone never requests data on it's own - it only fills the orders from the applications. Just a few seconds worth of the worst-case bitrate media you consume should be plenty for rclone (much less than 1GB).

TLDR: I'd rather investigate increasing the video-buffer inside of Plex than in rclone to counter stuttering. I'm not familiar with Plex, but it might do exactly that (use a larger buffer) by default when you use transcoding because that source will inherently have more erratic output (kind of similar to data through rclone due to the latency of requests cloud when starting/stopping compared to a local HDD).

Also - I don't know your reasons for using the cache-backend but it's worth investigating if you feel you get better results without it. I don't use plex specifically, but when I just stream video with VLC I arguably got better results without it. Animosity, the resident Plex-using veteran also moved away from using it a long time ago. The cache-backend is in the process of becoming obsolete due to improvements in the VFS cache anyway. We aren't there quite yet, but there hasn't been work done on it for a good while due to the original author (of that remote) going radio-silent.

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