Browser alternative

i was looking into a way of creating the config without using a browser to login to the accounts.

using links this allows to use the ssh as a browser. how hard would it be to implement this into rclone as a option for creating the tokens required for rclone?

Edit: i understand this would only work on linux installs but as this is what i work with i would not care about the others. i work with remote servers, without a gui.

this is what made me think of it

You should be able to use links by opening another ssh window to the server and doing a bit of cutting and pasting of URLs - that should work right now (provided links supports the oauth flow of the provider).

You are wondering if instead of rclone launching an URL on an external browser, it could launch links directly in the same terminal window? That might work - fancy trying an experiment?

yes that is what i am wondering is rather than opening a new ssh window, and a browser if it could be done in same run as the config. and i would love to experiment its all i do at lol try new things out when they are made :smiley:

any progress on this ?