Breakdown fo commands for cache vs VFS

Hi all,

maybe a silly question… but for clarity has someone compiled or know the arguments directly related to Cache vs Remote… they are very confusingly names so when constructing a mount script you get lost as to which ones you need to include for either function!!!

if I am being silly please just tell me… :slight_smile:

It is all documented on the wiki:

Is there a particular question you had?

so the only commads not titled with VFS in it is

–cache-dir string

the rest of the --cache command refer to the cache side of things and not VFS???

that’s the part I’m not clear on. :frowning:

Cache Dir is explained here:

Buffer Size is explained here:

There is a lot of documentation on the cache here:

VFS and Cache are two different things. Cache is its own backend and has it’s own set of commands/configuration. I just use the VFS backend myself as that meets my needs for streaming with Plex.

sorry… think I’m getting it…

can you share your mount script at all??

All my stuff is documented and current at my github: