BOX mount - Experiences with some parameters

I don't have a problem so I skip the template, hope that's okay.
I'm using Rclone with BOX (crypted and chunked) and everything is fine.

Reading the rclone docs there are some parameters I'm wondering whether they should be applied for a box setup or not. As box wasn't that popular before, I am not sure how accurate the docs are.

In concrete I am talking about:

Anybody already played around with these parameters on a box mount and can tell whether one of these is a recommended setting?

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Recommended is to use default settings unless you experience issues or have specific usage requirements.

For most cases I would recommend full VFS level and as much cache as you can afford.

If defaults work for your workflow why to complicate it?

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I just want to gain experience. VFS full is already setup here with, as you said, as much cache as I can afford.

There is no one set of settings to fit all scenarios. Everything depends what you are using your mount for.

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