Box cutoff size doesn't work

I tested rclone for the first time and i found a bug.
When i try to upload a 280MB file to i get this error message.

2018/09/09 22:12:44 ERROR : filename.ext: Failed to copy: multipart upload create session failed: Error “file_size_limit_exceeded” (403): File size exceeds the folder owner’s file size limit

It seems that the cutoff doesn’t work, i tryed 50MB, 100MB, 200MB.

--box-upload-cutoff is the size at which rclone swaps to multipart uploads.

If you want to ignore large files in your sync then you want --max-size?

Ah ok, i understand now… :sweat_smile:
Its not possible that rclone splits a file that is to large automatically right ?

Not yet no, though there is an issue: