users, what mount parameters do you use?

Hi all, I am backing up to my account and I am curious if there are any tweaks I can make to optimize my mount. I am only using the basic mount command with allow-other but while I have a 1Gbit internet connection I am only seeing 50Mbit upload speeds to Box. I see lots of threads for other cloud drives such a gdrive but nothing for box with regards to transfers, vfs, chucks etc. Maybe Box just doesnt support any of those, I dont know.

@ncw Just a suggestion, maybe someone could add an optimized setup to the Storage Systems sections? eg; . Something like "This is the best way/ most used way according to our community to mount with the best options"

You should use rclone copy or rclone sync to back stuff up - copying stuff to rclone mount is quite inefficient in general - that might be the cause of the problems.

I'd be very happy to receive contributions for that if you have any ideas :slight_smile:

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