When running "rclone authorize box", I get the following message from the Box site:

Error: insecure_redirect_uri

I think this is because redirect_uri is set to http ://, and Box may be requiring a https url to return the token. Is there a possible fix for this?

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this does not seem to be a bug.

if you search the forum for insecure_redirect_uri, you will understand what is going on.

Take a look at uploads dot lairds dot com /kyler/rclone_token.txt for my solution.

asdffdsa: How is this not a bug if Box doesn't allow redirects to non-HTTPS addresses?

The kylerlaird solution is too confusing for many end users.

Addendum: Nevermind, I see this is being worked on:

hello and welcome to the forum,

well, let's agree to disagree about what a bug is.
rclone is behaving as it was designed to by its authors;
rclone is not behaving in the manner that you, as a user, desires it to.

so you want rclone's authors to add a new feature, not to fix an existing bug.

Something used to work. Box changed how it works, and now rclone doesn't work. So while not, technically, a bug on rclone's part, rclone is now disfunctional with regard to Box. That is why it is a "fix" not a "feature".

The box team have unlisted rclone from the app gallery.

This should mean that

  • the redirect works OK
  • the old config works OK.

I had no idea getting rclone listed in the app gallery would cause so much disruption - I'll try to work with box for a smoother transition next time.

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