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Hello all, I just started playing around with the cli which has a lot of capabilities -

unfortunately as usual everything starts from you knowing the fileID of the file you want to work with, obviously rclone abstracts this to the path and can even interact at a lower level with the link command - wondering if there is a way currently to pull a file ID if a box path is specified somehow

ADDENDUM: looking through --dump bodies it appears rclone is the same thing I’ve done in the past, which is basically get a list of items in a folder and look for the file name based on the path - so I guess wondering if there is a consistant combo of debug log that would let me get a file id easily or it’s a feature request :wink:

ADDEMDUM 2: rclone lsf - 2019/03/02 17:04:18 Can’t limit to single files when using filters:
(when pointing at a single file)

ADDENDUM 3: looks like lsjson shows every ID in a path so that’s easy enough to parse :slight_smile:


You should be able to list the IDs with either lsf or lsjson.

What was your command line here?

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Yes lsjson works like a champ, i was doing lsjson/lsf with a full box:/path/file instead of folder

Knowing how their API works this makes sense

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